On grounding and action

I spent a splendid afternoon at Ahimsa Yoga Centre, facilitating a workshop on relaxing into creativity. We discussed the creative process and how ideas flow most easily when we’re relaxed. Then I led the participants through a restorative yoga sequence that paired grounding and action. We concluded by unpacking the why behind our big dreams and worked out next steps. Yes! I’m so proud of our group for going deep and sharing courageously.

Stationery note: I made sure we had multi-coloured pens and hella cute notebooks because that is also important.


Editing Indigenous Manuscripts

Last week I was feeling pretty despondent and wrote a letter:
Dear Publishing,
Do better.
The “Love” was important. After all, it’s an industry I adore, and as Vonnegut said, “God damn it, you’ve got to be kind,” especially when delivering tough news.
Today I’m feeling full, challenged, and reinvigorated as an editor after completing a weeklong course on Editing Indigenous Manuscripts. The course was offered alongside the Indigenous Editors Circle at Humber College, on the traditional territories of the Ojibwe Anishinabe people. I’m grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to participate.

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Poetry and bikes workshop

Public funding for the arts matters. Thanks to the generous support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council, The Reading Line and Charlie’s FreeWheels are proud to present a free Bike & Poetry workshop on August 21. The extraordinarily talented poet Tanya Neumeyer will be leading a bike-themed introduction to spoken word. No experience necessary. There are limited spaces for folks over twenty-five to ensure that youth under twenty-five have access to this program.

I sit on the board of Charlie’s FreeWheels and co-founded The Reading Line in 2014, so it’s an especially wonderful feeling to bring these two bike-loving organizations together.

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Turning left

“I’m turning left. Look, everyone, my blinker is on, and I’m turning left. I am so happy to be alive, driving along, making a left turn. I’m serious. I am doing exactly what I want to be doing at this moment: existing on a Tuesday, going about my business, on my way somewhere, turning left.”
— Amy Krouse Rosenthal


I’m so honoured to have been nominated by my peers for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence. The award recognizes my work on Yiddish for Pirates by Gary Barwin.

Plus, most of my Page Two colleagues are in town, which is always cause for celebration. Monday, I thought I knew you.

The New Farm

We’re just a few weeks away from on-sale! I can’t wait for all of you to read The New Farm, Brent Preston’s memoir of how he and his family transformed an in-debt farm into a thriving business and a leading light for social change and organic farming. It’s the perfect gift for the small business owner and socially conscious entrepreneur in your life. You can support Brent and his book (and publisher!) by preordering here.


The Reading Line is hiring!

Thanks to the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council, The Reading Line is offering two positions, in marketing and publicity. These paid contract positions will help support our book ride on August 26, 2017, and bring The Reading Line to its next stage of development.
Established in 2014, The Reading Line is an annual literary festival on two wheels that promotes local authors and advocates for improved infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians. Our mission is to make our city a better place, one book and one street at a time. Our book rides help mobile audiences see the city from a new perspective, using literature as a lens. We have programmed and executed three book rides, along the Green Line, Bloor Street, and Bathurst Street. This year’s ride along the Don River will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2017. 
Do you care about books and bicycles? Do you have creative ways to combine the two and then share that vision with the world? The Reading Line wants to hear from you.
The job postings are on our website and the deadline is April 24.


Citizen Jane

I’m delighted to be speaking on a panel next week at TIFF about the legacy of Jane Jacobs. The panel, with Zahra Ebrahim and Hibag Gelle, will follow a screening of Citizen Jane: Battle for the City. Citizen Jane is about the feud between Jacobs and Robert Moses over the proposed development of the Lower Manhattan Expressway in the 1960s.

The evening will begin with a Jane’s Walk to TIFF, led by urban planner Ken Greenberg and former Toronto mayor Barbara Hall. After the film, Zahra, Hibag, and I will speak about how Jacobs has influenced our life and work. I will be speaking specifically about my work as an editor, and my positions with The Reading Line and Charlie’s FreeWheels.


CSI Hookup

I’m happy to announce I’ve joined the new Hookup Team at the Centre for Social Innovation. This CSI initiative connects experts with other community members who are looking for professional advice.

I’ll be offering free one-on-one consultations on storytelling and marketing. I love helping individuals and organizations use storytelling to create positive social change, and I’m especially passionate about working with environmentally and socially conscious clients.

I’m looking forward to meeting more members of the CSI community, and developing my consulting skills!


Image courtesy of the Centre for Social Innovation.