I have acquired and edited bestselling and award-winning books, both fiction and non-fiction. I work across genres, including literary and commercial fiction, business, cookbooks, lifestyle, history, memoir, and biography. I am particularly drawn to books that address environmental issues and explore big ideas, and that contribute to positive social change.

I also have extensive experience editing blogs, marketing materials, presentation slides, cover letters, résumés, and more. I’ve worked with those transitioning to a new career, yoga teachers who have written supplementary materials for their classes, and Ph.D. students who need help with their dissertations.

I offer a full spectrum of services, from helping you shape your idea to polishing the final text.

An overview of the editing I offer:

Substantive editing: The complete overhaul. I review your entire document or website and edit the content, offering suggestions for organization, clarity, cohesion, and flow. I help you identify and present the primary argument or question. Substantive editing shapes the story.

Stylistic and line editing: I massage your text line by line, weeding out unnecessary words or phrases, and seeking clarity and cohesion throughout.

Copy editing: Where the rubber meets the road. I review your copy for errors in spelling, grammar, or syntax.

Proofreading: I read your final, edited text with a view to finding any lingering typos or other errors. Proofreading is also the best time to check the position and alignment of images and text.

Manuscript evaluation: I read your manuscript and offer feedback, ideally responding to two or three specific questions you have about the content or structure, or your goals with the manuscript.

Job applications: I will help you craft and refine your cover letter, CV/résumé, LinkedIn profile, or portfolio. I am also available to coach you through prepping for interviews and preparing supplementary materials (please see consulting for more information).


Pause & breathe: I am available to quickly review your email or newsletter before you send it to that important client or to your 20,000 subscribers.

Inklings to proposals: Do you have an idea, but are not sure what to do with it? By asking you exploratory but pointed questions, I can help hone your idea or story and craft it into a proposal, website, and more.